Testing Athletes

Two days ago, we talked about the fact that during offseason, the focus would shift to strength and conditioning for training camps and the next season. In this post, we talked about a conference for strength coaches about testing athletes for the season to come.


Another thing to consider is that a lot of football players will have to do combines in a few weeks. The challenge for these combines is that football players need to be ready to perform tasks that they don’t necessarily do during the season.

Most Popular Test?

Which test is the most popular during the combines? You guessed it, it’s the 40-yard dash that is more of a track event then football for many reasons but it’s still very important for scouts and it gives a good show. The challenge for the player is to perform well and to stay healthy.

track acceleration vs 40 yard dash picture

Hamstring strain

What type of injury is the most likely to happen for a football player preparing for combines? You guessed it right again, it’s a hamstring strain. Of course, many other injuries can occur and many of them can be avoided with proper prehab work and the right progression.


With high expectations of everyone and high professional stakes for players, the strength coach needs to help as much as he can while keeping the players healthy. There’s a fine line between optimization and injury that needs to be respected. With all the pressure related to the event, the strength coach needs to be a good guide and sometimes protect the players from themselves…

Meet Legendary Coaches

If you want to become a better football strength and conditioning coach, the Complete Speed and Power Summit is the place to go to meet legendary coaches such as Dan Pfaff (Olympian sprint coach), Joe Defranco, Mike Boyle, Joe Kenn, Lee Taft, Eric Cressey and much more.


This event will be presented in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Indiana. Are you ready to meet like-minded coaches and improve your professional network? If so, this summit is for you!

Complete Speed &Power Summit


By the way, the NSCA and NASM have approved the Complete Speed & Power Summit for CEU’s (NSCA= 1.3, NASM=1.3).