Recently, the NFL combines were held in Indiana. I have a love-hate relationship with combines. While I think that they give a great show, some tests are not necessarily correlated to football talent. However, they give a good assessment of athleticism which is a good start.

One of the highlights of this edition was the 40-yard dash of Shaqueen Griffin LB who ran a 4.38 sec. This is the all-time best result for a linebacker. This performance was amazing.


The fastest 40-yard dash ever recorded during NFL combines is a time of 4.22 sec. It was done in 2017 by John Ross.

It’s a little early to have access to all the 2018 results but here’s the list of all the results of the 2017 NFL combines.

Football is very strong in the U.S. and it’s dominant compared to any country in the world. However, it’s sometimes difficult to see the difference between countries when football is played with different rules and different football field sizes.

A great way to compare to what extent this is true is to compare combines results.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has different rules than the NFL and this is true with combines where the east part of the country does combines and then, the west part does a combine. Then, players are inv

However, by looking at the results of the Canadian leaders in the Eastern combines that were held in Montreal, it’s obvious that the country is 10 times smaller and thus, the athleticism level isn’t the same. Moreover, a lot of great athletes play hockey instead of football.

This is why a lot of Americans also play in the CFL.